Purchasing Scrivener as a Gift

Giving Scrivener to a friend or loved one is something many would like to do. There is no formal gift system in place; however, it is very easy to effectively do this. As you work through the checkout procedure you will come to a 'Personal Information' section. Make sure to use the intended recipient's name in the user first and last name fields. This is separate from the billing information, and it is what they will be using to personalise their software. There is no way to change that name later on. It is also recommended you use your own e-mail address as the contact. We can change this later if you or they desire, but for the initial purchase the specified e-mail address will immediately receive the e-invoice, so if you use their address they will get that information, which probably isn't what you want. Either print out this invoice, or forward it to them on the day they are presented with the gift. Everything they need to register and install their copy will be located in that e-mail invoice.

Some people like to present a hard copy as well, even though the software can be downloaded immediately after purchase. There is an option in the shopping cart for adding a physical CD-ROM to the order, in addition to the download. Please allow for up to two weeks for delivery, depending upon where you live in relation to Nebraska, U.S.A., as that is where our vendor is based. We don't offer gift wrapping services, so if you ship the disc to yourself first you can take care of that detail.

One further thing to note is that you shouldn't use PayPal Express when purchasing Scrivener as a gift, as going this route will bypass the 'Personal Information' section. Using PayPal (regular version) or a credit card at the end of the process is fine though.

If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at sales@literatureandlatte.com.