Changing Formatting and Setting Default Formatting on iOS

By default, when you start a new document in Scrivener for iOS, the text will use a Palatino 13pt font with 1.2 line spacing and an indent at the start of each new paragraph. Not only can you change this formatting, you can also set your own default formatting so that each new document you create in your project will already be set to use your preferred formatting.

Changing a Document's Formatting

  1. In Scrivener for iOS, select your project from the Projects list, then select a document from the Binder. This will open up your document in Scrivener's Editor.
  2. Tap in the Editor to focus your cursor within it. If you have any existing text in the document for which you would like to change the formatting, make sure to select that text before moving on to the next step.
  3. Now you will want to tap the paintbrush icon to open up the formatting palette. Two things to note here:
    • The location of this icon depends on whether you are using an iPhone or iPad. On iPad, you can find the paintbrush icon in the toolbar above your Editor. On iPhone, it will be in the row above your keyboard. paintbrush.png
    • If you cannot see a row of buttons above your keyboard on iPhone, you may have it turned off. To turn it back on, navigate into the iOS Settings app, scroll down to "Scrivener", then tap "Editor". Flip the switch for "Keyboard Row".
  4. In the formatting palette, adjust the settings under the Style, Indents, and Spacing tabs to your liking. These changes will affect the current document only. If you would like to set this as your default formatting for every document you create in the project going forward, follow the steps below.

Changing the Default Formatting for Your Project

  1. Follow the steps above to adjust your formatting to your liking.
  2. With the formatting palette open, tap on the Style tab, then tap on Formatting Options.
  3. Tap on Set as Default Formatting.

Now, when you create a new document and start typing, the text will use your preferred formatting.