Can I use my license on more than one computer?

Note: For the sake of concision, we use the term "Scrivener" throughout this article, but note that the following applies equally to Scapple unless otherwise stated.

When you purchase a licence for Scrivener, you automatically receive what we call a "household licence" for the platform you selected. What we mean by this is as follows:

  • You can install and run Scrivener on any machines you own and of which you are the predominant user.
  • You can install and run Scrivener on any machines based in your house and used by family members living with you.
  • This only applies to machines running the platform covered by your licence (you cannot use a Mac serial number with the Windows version or vice versa, because the Mac and Windows versions are separate development efforts).

Some examples:

  • If you own a laptop and a desktop both running Windows, you only need to buy one Windows licence to cover both.
  • If you own a laptop running Windows and a desktop computer running macOS, then you will need to buy one Windows licence and one Mac licence. Scrivener only: If you have yet to buy either licence, take advantage of our bundle pricing. If you already have a licence for one platform, you can buy the other at a discount.
  • If you own a laptop and a desktop, your partner owns a laptop and your daughter has a desktop in her room, and all those machines are running Windows, then you just need a single Windows licence.
  • If you own a laptop and a desktop running Windows and your wife has a Mac, then you will need one Windows licence and one Mac licence.
  • If your child is living away at university then he or she will need a separate licence.
  • You could install a single copy of Scrivener at your workplace provided you take steps to ensure you are the only person using it.
  • If you are living in a shared student household or accommodation, you will all need separate licences (sorry! We have an educational discount though).
  • If you have employees or students and you want them to use Scrivener, you will need multiple licences, for which we have volume discounts.

For more details, read the full licence agreement.

If you are looking for instructions on how to install Scrivener on multiple computers, select the appropriate article: