Installing the Direct-Sale Version as a Mac App Store Customer

IMPORTANT: These instructions constitute an optional installation procedure. You would only need to follow these instructions if you purchased the software from Apple and intend to beta test the software or wish to run the direct-sale version on an indefinite basis for reasons of preference. For normal installation guidance, read the basic installation instructions.

The direct-sale versions of our software have been designed to look for Apple's proof of purchase certificates on your computer. So long as you have run the Mac App Store version at least once, you will be able to run the regular version as fully activated software, rather than in demo mode.

Copying your Settings

Since the Mac App Store version must use sandboxing---in compliance with Apple's rules for inclusion in the store---it will store your preferences and support data (such as custom templates, your backups, etc.) in a location that is not accessible to the standard version (and vice versa, the sandboxed version cannot access the normal support folder locations on your Mac). What this means for you is that if you download and run the direct-sale version, it will start using a separate set of preferences and settings. These instructions will help you avoid the obvious pitfalls of switching preference sets:

  1. Before switching versions: make note of where your Scratch Pad folder is located (in the General: Scratch Pad preference pane), and where your backups are saved to (in the Backup preference pane).
  2. From the main Scrivener menu, select "Reveal Support Folder in Finder". This will open your support data in a Finder window.
  3. Create a new Finder window (⌘N or File ▸ New Finder Window) and use the Go ▸ Go to Folder... menu command. Paste in the following address:


  4. In the initial Finder window, press ⌘↑ to navigate up a folder level. You should now see a folder named "Scrivener" selected.

  5. Hold down the Option key and drag this folder to other window, dropping it on the "Application Support" folder, within it. This will copy all of your styles, preset, layouts, themes and so forth.

  6. Now use the Manage... button in the Preferences panel to save all of your settings with the "Save Preferences to File..." command. You will use this to import your preferences into the standard version later.

Setup and Installation

At this point you are ready to switch versions. First, close Scrivener and drag its icon from the Applications folder to the Trash to uninstall it. Download and install the direct-download version, and launch it. You may also need to remove the Dock icon and replace it once the new version is installed.

  1. Open Preferences, and click on the Manage... button to "Load Preferences from File...`, selecting the file created in step 6, above.
  2. Visit the General: Scratch Pad and Backup preference panes and verify the folders are set correctly.

Keep in mind that if you do intend to revert back to the MAS version in the future, you should take care to keep any custom project templates or other settings exported to files so that you can easily import them back into the MAS version of the software in the future. Each version uses its own respective support folder, so any changes you make to support data in these versions will be unavailable to the other.