I lost my serial number, what can I do to get it back?

If you still have the original invoice email that was sent to you at the time of purchase, you should find your licence number there. If you deleted this email or do not have access to it, it is possible for us to look up your details. Please note that as we changed our payments provider on 26th June, 2019, you will be given two options for retrieving your details, depending on whether you purchased your app before or after this date.

First, please visit the Serial Number Retrieval page for further information. This will take you to two options. Those who made their purchase after 26th June, 2019, will be sent to our current e-commerce provider Paddle's after-purchase support page, which will allow you to look up your serial number. Those who purchased before this date can access their licence from our eSellerate database (eSellerate is the e-commerce provider that previously ran our web store.) If you still cannot find your serial number, please drop us a line.

Please note, however, that we will be unable to retrieve serial numbers for purchases made more than ten years ago: to comply with data protection regulations, our payment providers automatically delete customer information older than ten years.

If you purchased from the Mac App Store, you will not have a serial number. You will need to use the Mac App Store software to re-install the program.