Typing Lags

If you are experiencing a typing lag, this article will help you identify common issues that may be contributing to the problem. Follow the steps below and test out each option before proceeding to the next. It is recommended that you review the options to see if any of them fit your specific situation before taking any action.

Images within your Text

If you have images included in your project text, ensure that the images are as small as they can be, in terms of file size, before you import them into Scrivener. Re-scaling them after they are in Scrivener does nothing to make the files smaller. It will only change how the images are viewed in Scrivener. Mosts images that taken directly from your camera will be far too large, both in resolution and file size, to be used in a Scrivener document without re-scaling them in an image tool first. If you use documents containing a lot of text or images, you can also break the document up into smaller documents so that it saves faster. Once you are completely done with it, you can copy and paste content to re-combine it if needed.

Update your Auto-Save Settings

Change the auto-save interval by going to Scrivener > Preferences > General and setting Auto save after X seconds of inactivity to a larger number. Try not to make it too large, it’s best to keep it under 60 seconds. This will not eliminate the problem, but it will reduce the frequency of it, which may be enough.

Save your Project to your Local Hard Drive

Make sure that the project is on your local hard drive. Working on a project from a network share or USB memory stick can cause this slowness, not to mention it is a dangerous way to work on your project to begin with. This includes Dropbox, which should still have a copy locally saved on your Mac. The size of your project or the speed of your internet connection may also factor in since Dropbox, like other cloud services, will begin updating in the cloud when changes are detected. If you project is rather large or your connection is slow this could result in a lag; however, this is not often an issue. Typically your project would need to very large or your internet connection very slow to see any issues here.

Known Issue

If none of the options above resolve your issue, check out our Known Issues article below. There is a particular MacOS bug that can result in a typing lag. The article contains information about this particular bug and workaround. This article contains several known issues, you can locate your issue quickly by searching "Typing Lag" in your browser.


More Help

If you still have problems after following the detailed instructions there, contact us at mac.support@literatureandlatte.com.