I emailed you but did not receive a reply!

We answer all emails sent to us as soon as we can, with our target being to answer all questions within two business days (although occasionally take longer in particularly busy periods). We try to get to urgent questions first.

When you send us an email, you will initially receive an automatic response from our support system that tells you we have received your email. This response includes a few links to our Knowledge Base that answer common support questions, so that some users will be able to resolve their issue straight away. This will be followed by an email from one of our staff - the automatic response is not the only response you will receive.

We use the popular Tenderapp system to manage our support queues (you are on our section of the Tenderapp site right now, in fact). Tenderapp provides a system that allows our support staff to see all emails sent to us, see emails are already being handled by other members of the team, and to flag bug reports and more technical questions for the developers.

This is a very effective system for ensuring all questions are answered by the right people, but it does mean that the email you receive from us will not be from the literatureandlatte.com address, but from an @tenderapp address instead, the first part of the email being a unique ID that allows Tenderapp to track replies in the system. This unfortunately means that if you have an aggressive spam filter, our replies could go to your spam folder. Therefore, please ensure that you white-list both the literatureandlatte.com and tenderapp.com domains in your email client. If you sent us an email several days ago and it seems as though you have received no reply, please first check in your spam folder as our reply may well be there.

If you still can't find a reply, drop us a line either via our @scrivenerapp account, via our facebook.com/scriverapp page, or on our [user forums)[http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum), and we can look you up in the system and find out what has happened to your query. We will not leave you in the lurch.