Using Windows Keyboard Shortcuts in Scapple

At the moment, it is not possible to assign or customize keyboard shortcuts in Scapple for Windows. However, Windows does provide built-in menu navigation shortcuts which you can utilize in Scapple.

Upon hitting the Alt key in Scapple, you’ll notice that some letters in the menu commands are underlined. This indicates which keys you will want to press to execute that menu command.

For example, to use the Notes > Auto-Fit menu command, hit Alt, then N, then U.

Arrows pointing to underlined letters in the Auto-Fit menu command

Alt puts the cursor in the menu bar, while N opens the Notes menu and U executes the Auto-Fit command.

As another example: to use the Format > Border > 1px command, hit Alt, R, B, 1.

Arrows pointing to underlined letters in the Border 1px command

Note that these shortcuts may vary depending on your system language.