How to Restore the SVG Import Warning

In Scapple 1.4.0 for Windows, we have improved support for embedding Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) images in the board. They are now natively supported and can be scaled to any size without losing display quality.

The macOS version unfortunately does not support SVG at this time, and will cause SVG images to be lost if a board containing them is edited. Consequently, we have added a warning dialogue that gives you the option to have the SVG graphic "rasterised", or turned into a compatible bitmap graphic (using PNG format). Along with this choice is a setting to never show the warning again, and to always use the method you select.

Restoring the Warning

If you made a mistake when clicking the buttons on the warning dialogue, perhaps selecting the wrong one, or if your workflow has changed so that you would prefer to be asked again, you will need to reset the flag to show this warning:

  1. First, close all open Scapple windows.
  2. Click on the Start button in the lower left corner of your screen, and type in "regedit", pressing Enter to load it. (Refer to WikiHow for more detailed instructions if desired.)
  3. In the tree view to the left, navigate to the following location:

  4. Double-click on the "ImportSvgsAsBitmapShowWarning" key, and type in the word "true", as its Value data.

  5. ...or if you made the wrong choice when clicking the button and still would not like to see the warning, you can change the value of the key, "ImportSvgsAsBitmap" to one of the following:

    true: convert the SVG to bitmap for compatibility with the Mac.
    false: import the SVG directly.

  6. Reload Scapple and test your settings.