Reformatting Linked Text in MS Word

Although Scrivener preserves web links when compiling to RTF, DOC/DOCX and ODT, Microsoft Word does not always correctly apply hyperlink formatting to linked text in the compiled documents. To force the link style in Word, select the option to Ensure hyperlinks are colored and underlined under the "Compatibility" tab in the compile format designer.


If you are copying and pasting from Scrivener rather than compiling, you can apply the hyperlink style in Word with these steps:

  1. In Word, press Alt+F9 to display the field codes in the document.
  2. In the Find/Replace window, enter ^dhyperlink in the search field
  3. Click in the Replace field, then click the More button to expand the options. Click Format and choose "Style" from the pop-up menu. Select the hyperlink style and click OK.
  4. Use the Replace or Replace All button to apply the hyperlink style to all hyperlinks in the document.
  5. Once you've finished the replacements (i.e. applying the style), you can hide the hyperlink fields in the document and restore them to their normal appearance via the Alt+F9 shortcut.