NaNoWriMo Winner Coupon

First of all, if you are reading this because you finished your novel this year, then congratulations! It can be a long slog getting through all of that writing in a month, and I know from many attempts, some successful and some not, how much work that can be. Maybe you used Scrivener to write your book this year, or perhaps you never even heard of it before you got your coupon, but whatever the case may be we'd like to welcome you to the club.

If you've been using Scrivener and are ready to purchase it with your prize coupon, then you likely already know what the software is all about. If you're reading this because you were wondering what this coupon was for, then please take a moment to read our main product page, and download the free trial. While half-off is a good deal, we want to ensure you get the best experience possible by making sure the software is right for you before you buy. Note that this offer also applies to Scapple, so check out that software as well!

To get your coupon, you'll need to use the official NaNoWriMo website. We have worked with their team to provide the coupons, but do not keep track of who has won. Their system will know if you have, and will display the rewards page for you. Part of your winner’s package is a unique coupon code for Scrivener. You can use this to get a 50% discount on one or both platforms, so long as they are both checked-out at once. So if you are a Mac/Windows hybrid user and know you're going to want it on both, make sure to purchase them both with the coupon at once. Once the coupon is used, it will self-destruct and there will no longer be a way to get the discount on the second platform.

Finally if you are reading this out of curiosity, NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month) is an annual self-motivated contest to write 50,000 words entirely within the confines of November. We have proudly sponsored the program for a number of years now, and in addition to providing winner and participant coupons, we produce a special edition of Scrivener with useful templates and an extended trial period each year.

For more information on all we have to offer during National Novel Writing Month, please visit the NaNoWriMo page on our website.