Changing the Default Font or Formatting on iOS

By default, when you start a new document in Scrivener for iOS, the text will use a Palatino 13pt font with 1.2 line spacing and an indent at the start of each new paragraph. You can change these defaults so that new documents use your preferred formatting, however. Here's how:

  1. Set up the font and formatting in a document so that it is how you want it.

  2. Make sure the insertion point (text cursor) is in the text that uses the formatting you want as the default.

  3. Tap on the paintbrush icon to bring up the formatting palette.

  4. Tap on "Formatting Options".

  5. Tap on "Set as Default Formatting".

Now, when you create a new document and start typing, the text will use the formatting you set up in step 1.