Multiple identical entries in the Table of Contents for ePub/Kindle

Page breaks become section breaks in e-books, and those will generate ToC entries. Often when importing or pasting in material from single-document word processors, page breaks will come along for the ride. Scrivener makes it easy to insert page breaks automatically (or with a checkbox), so having them buried in the text documents themselves is generally unnecessary. Since each page break generates a section entry in the ToC, it can cause chapters to have multiple entries for each page break that is found within the chapter or section.

The easiest way to find them is to turn on invisibles in the Format/Options/ sub-menu. A page break will be a solid bar, left-aligned on its own line. If you want to see an example you can manually insert one using the Edit/Insert/Page Break menu command. These can be copied and pasted like ordinary characters, so you may find it useful to use the Edit/Find/Project Replace... command to wipe them all out at once.