MultiMarkdown Formats Hang when Compiling


If you purchased Scrivener from the Mac App Store, are using macOS 10.12 or newer and have in the past installed your own copy of MultiMarkdown, then upon compiling to any format other than the plain "MultiMarkdown" option you may find Scrivener hangs indefinitely, crashes, or terminates with an error.


The problem is that Apple changed how sandboxing works in more recent versions of their operating system so that applications that are sandboxed can no longer make full use of the entire operating system---including the UNIX level, where such command-line level utilities like LaTeX, Pandoc & MultiMarkdown, operate from.

In the future (or present tense, once Scrivener 3.0 is released) we will be removing all attempts to interface with the UNIX layer of your Mac from the Mac App Store version. It will solely use its own built-in copies where applicable and offer no opportunities for upgrading the utilities short of when we upgrade them with an update to Scrivener in general. It will also be unable to tap into a LaTeX distribution, XSLT workflow, or make use of Pandoc compile features and other forms of post-processing.

If you prefer more flexibility in your workflow, then you might be better off purchasing the direct-sale version in the future.

Potential Workaround

You might be able to download and run the full version on your system---unlocked from demo mode. Version 2 will try to detect a version 2 MAS receipt, and version 3 will attempt to detect a version 3 MAS receipt.

Download the correct version from our website, install that in Applications (you can give it another name if you wish to experiment without uninstalling your current version) and give it a spin. If you can compile cleanly and you aren't running in demo mode, you could remove the MAS version and switch to using the direct-sale version solely.

If demo mode persists, try the following procedure:

  1. Delete the Mac App Store version from your /Applications folder.
  2. Delete the "Mac App Store Recipts" folder from ~/Library/Application Support/Scrivener.
  3. Reinstalling the Mac App Store version using their store software.
  4. Run this version once to rebuild the receipt folder.
  5. Now try running the direct-sale version again (you shouldn't need to reinstall that).

If that doesn't work, or you find none of this solves the problem with the hang in the first place, please contact technical support.