Working with E-Books

Links to E-book Utilities and Editors

Scrivener itself is not an e-book editor, even though it can produce e-books via its compilation process. For detailed instructions on this, refer to our video tutorials or the user manual. If you wish to clean up the presentation of an e-book, or make revisions to it after your time with working in Scrivener is complete, these tools can help:

  • Calibre: General purpose management and full-featured reader, also capable of performing conversions between many common e-book formats. Good for testing links, layout, and other specifics. Available for macOS, Linux and Windows.
  • Sigil: An ePub editor, which will let you fine-tune the results from your compiled e-book in a manner similar to using a word processor. Edited ePub files can be easily converted to Mobi files for the Kindle, with either Calibre or Kindle Previewer. Available for macOS and Windows.
  • Kindle Publishing Tools: Amazon's free utilities which aid in the production of Kindle compatible e-books. Kindle Previewer will give you a precise preview of what your e-book will look like on various Kindle models (do not use Amazon's desktop reader for proofing, as the results may not look the same on a Kindle). Available for macOS and Windows.
  • eBookBinder: If you need to create an e-book from scratch from normally compiled documents, this application makes conversion from standard word processing and plain-text files easy. It supports a number of "mark up" conventions, such as BBCode, Textile, and (Multi)Markdown. Available for macOS only.